Finding Out What Fills Up Your Google Drive and How To Free Them Up

Google Drive offers 15 GB free storage for starters but it’s shared by 3 Google services, Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. So if it’s getting full in your account the first thing you need to do is find out which service occupies the storage the most.

Go to Google’s Drive storage page and click the Pie graph to find out how much spaces are used by each service.

Drive storage - 2015-10-25 21_59_58

If it’s Google Drive that uses up the most space, go to My Drive page,  move the cursor over the storage states at the left bottom corner, and click the little blue i icon on the pop-up. Or simply click this storage quote page.

My Drive - Google Drive - 2015-10-25 22_07_58

The quota page is a page that lists the documents in your drive, sorted by the size so you can easily find out and delete those large but no-longer-needed files.

And while you are on the Google Drive page, why not going to Trash bin and clean it up to free more space?

Trash - Google Drive - 2015-10-25 22_13_54

If it’s Gmail that uses the most of the space, it’s time to clean up the inbox, especially those messages with large attachments. You can use size: to search your Gmail inbox to find all emails that are larger than a certain amount.

For example, searching for Size:1m will list all emails that are large than 1 MB. Combining with older_than: 1year you can find out all emails that are large than 1 MB and are at least sent or received one year ago. Once you have these large emails listed, it’s a lot easier to go through and clean them up.

That’s about it for now. There are a few other tips that we can share next time how to save more space in Google Drive

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