A Collection of Free Online Calculators to Solve Your Math Problems

With today’s cool websites and apps, why do you still need a dedicated calculator for a limit set of math problems? When it comes to solving math problems or learning math skills, all you need is a computer with internet access. Here is a collection of online calculators that cost nothing but cover a wide range of math problems.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Modern browsers like Chrome and Edge have some basic math functions built right in the browser, with the help of the search engine like Google and Bing. Simple type in the equation into the browser’s address bar and the answer will pop right up.

Edge - simple calculation

Search engine like Google and Bing

While both search engines offer some awesome features that let you do some simple math, data conversion right in the search text box, they also do have an online version of calculator that works exactly like the ones we see on Windows system.

google calculator - Google Search - 2015-10-21 22_48_55

Bing Calculator

Algebra Calculators

There are plenty of calculators out there capable of solving algebra problems but very few bother to show you the steps how the problem was solved.

MathPapa’s Algebra Calculator is one that falls into this category, solves algebra problems step-by-step. You can use the web version, or an iOS app for iPhone and iPad.

Algebra Calculator - MathPapa - 2015-10-21 22_58_15

Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculator is another dedicate device eaten by the modern computer technology. So why spending money on something that you can find the alternatives online for free?

Desmos Graphing Calculator offers Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more – for free! You can use either the web version or iOS and Android app on mobile devices.

Fun Graphing with tan, sin and cos - 2015-10-21 23_06_37

The knowledge engine

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful modern computational knowledge engine that is going to lift your math learning skills to another level.  Just browsing through the examples they placed on the site has already made my eyes wide open with my jaw dropping.

Take the same example we did earlier with Algebra calculator, and put in this Wolfram Alpha. It reveals way more than I can digest. The screenshot below shows only the top portion of the result, click here to see the whole set of data, if you are interested.

(x+1)(x+2) - Wolfram_Alpha - 2015-10-21 23_20_31

To see the step-by-step solution, you will have to sign up the Pro version which cost $5.49 for non-students and $4.75 for students per month. If you are serious about improving your math skills, it’s totally worth it.

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