Gravityscan – A Free Malware and Vulnerability Scanner for Websites

Wordfence, the team behind the awesome security plugin for WordPress, launched, a free malware and vulnerability scanner for any website. Gravityscan works extremely well with WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and vBulletin. It detects what you are running and lets you know if you have vulnerabilities in any of your applications, plugins or extensions.

But even if you aren’t running one of these applications, Gravityscan works great with any website. It checks over 20 blacklists and performs a range of other checks to help improve your reputation, security posture and let you know if you have any security problems. Gravityscan even includes additional checks to help improve your search engine ranking.

You can type in your website in Gravityscan’s homepage and launch the scan right from there. But it works better if you sign up an account with Gravityscan and manage all your website’s security status from one single place. You can run a scan at any time and check the scan history within the account.

There are two types of scans that you can run. The first is a “Remote Scan”, which connects to your website from the Gravityscan servers and performs a scan. That’s the one you can find from the screenshot above. It’s the default scan type for any website you would like to see a quick result. If you need to perform a deep scan, you will need the “Full Scan” which scans remotely and also leverages a locally installed file called Gravityscan Accelerator to enable more comprehensive and accurate scans. You can enable Gravityscan Accelerator during the verification process. It’s pretty straight to follow on the site.

Gravityscan also offers a Pro account that enables a number of valuable features, such as Scheduled Scans, Configure Alerts, Faster Scans, Historical Results, Access to Support, etc. But feature-wise, they both are pretty much the same, and that’s the beauty of this service bringing to the table.

If you own a site that always keeps you awake in the night because of the security concern, you should take look Gravityscan and check out what it offers.

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