How To Open A New Application Guard Window in Microsoft Edge

First introduced in last September, Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge is now available in Windows Insider Previews, only for Enterprise users, in the fast ring. When enabled, Microsoft Edge running in Application Guard mode provides enterprises the maximum level of protection from malware and zero-day attacks against Windows.

Here is how to enable Windows Defender Application Guard and use it in Edge browser

1. Open Control Panel, head over to Programs and open “Turn Windows features on or off“.

2. Check “Windows Defender Application Guard” option, and click OK.

3. And restart your computer.

Once rebooted, open Microsoft Edge and click the … Edge menu. You will see a new menu choice called “New Application Guard window” rignt between “New window” and “New InPrivate window.”

A new Application Guard window opens up. You will be ready to visit any website and that session will be completely isolated in Application Guard. Thanks to Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology. Anything bad happens during the session will not affect and do harm to your Windows 10 system in any way.

It all sounds cool and pretty awesome but note that this feature is only available in Windows 10 Enterprise edition. If you are on Windows 10 Pro, you will not be able to see the new Application Guard window option in Edge, even if you enabled the “Windows Defender Application Guard” option in Control Panel.

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