How To Block An Email Address in Gmail

I’ve been long waiting for this to come, blocking a specific person or email address so that I will never see messages from them again. It’s finally here and it’s available on the web, and the mail app on Android.

Here is how you can do it:

Open the email sent from a person you want to block, click the little down arrow next to the Reply icon, and choose Block “name of the spammer”.

Gmail - block sender

Future emails from “Bruce” will go to the Spam folder. It works much like the Blacklist feature in most of the Anti-Spam software.

All blocked addresses are listed in Filters and Blocked Addresses tab in Settings in Gmail, where you can unblock any previously blocked email address to begin receiving emails from them again.

Note that the new Block feature is for not receiving emails from a particular email address. You can use it to block any newsletters that came to your inbox, whether you consented or not. But ideally, if you do not want to receive emails that are newsletters, use the unsubscribe feature instead, as Gmail will work its magic to get your name off that newsletter’s subscription list.

Edge - Gmail - unsubscribe

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