Making Real-Time Calls with ORTC API in Microsoft Edge

With the latest Edge (21.10547 and later), you can make real-time communications without having to use a plug-in. Thanks to ORTC support Microsoft added to its Edge browser with the goal to enable developers around the world to build experiences that include the ability to talk to Skype users and other WebRTC compatible communication services.

Microsoft teamed up with Twilio to build a ORTC Phone Call web page that demonstrates this feature so you can get a hands-on experience how it works.

All you need is, the most recent version of the Edge browser, and a microphone attached to your Windows devices.

Edge - ORTC phone call demo

Not only is it a good showcase how this works, it’s a free phone call service right from your Windows 10 system to any US numbers, limited to only 5 minutes though.

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