How To Change Default Download Folder in Microsoft Edge

Unlike Chrome or Firefox, Microsoft Edge doesn’t have a setting that lets you specify your own download folder. Since there is no “Save as” option in the new browser from Microsoft, it would be nice if we can choose which folder to download the files to.

Turns out, Microsoft Edge uses what’s set in File Explorer (formerly called Windows Explorer) as its default download location. Another example of how Edge seamlessly integrates into Windows.

To change the default Download location, open File Explorer in Windows 10, right-click Download folder under Quick Access and choose Properties.

Download properties from File Explorer

Go to Location tab, and you will find the current download location in the text box.

Download properties - location tab

To change to a different location, you can either type the new place right in the text box to replace the default one, or go through Move… button.

If the new location is new, a prompt pops up asking if you want to create the new folder for the new location. Click Yes, if it’s the correct place.

Create folder warraning

Next, another dialog pops up asking whether you want to move all the files from old location to the new location. Click Yes, if you want to, No, if you don’t.

Download folder - move folder

That’s it. Once the change is done, next time when you download files from the Internet in Microsoft Edge, files will be saved directly into the new location.

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