How To Automatically Direct All Intranet Traffic to Internet Explorer from Microsoft Edge

Many internal web applications are built with many hacks specifically made for Internet Explorer. It takes time to remove to embrace the new age of the modern browsers. If you are stuck in your old fashion intranet while still wanting to take advantage of the modern browser like Microsoft Edge, here is a trick that will definitely help by automatically directing all intranet traffic to Internet Explorer for you.

And here is how you can do it.

1. Open Group Policy Editor. Type “group policy” in search box on Taskbar in Windows 10, and click Edit Group Policy to launch it.

Start - open group policy editor

2. Navigate to the following location on the left panel.

User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Microsoft Edge

Local Group Policy Editor - 2015-08-10 12_16_55

3. Double-click on “Sends all intranet traffic over to Internet Explorer“, select Enable, and click OK.

Sends all intranet traffic over to Internet Explorer - 2015-08-10 12_19_40

4. Close Microsoft Edge if you have it open, and re-open it.

That’s all. Next time when you open an intranet link in Microsoft Edge, you will be redirected to Internet Explorer automatically. Microsoft Edge will show something as below to inform you what just happened.

Internet Explorer needed ‎- Microsoft Edge - 2015-08-10 12_24_41

Note that you can still keep the link open in Microsoft Edge by clicking “Keep going in Microsoft Edge” link on the page.

If you don’t see this behavior after you’ve made change in Group Policy Editor, you need to log off your computer and log back in to get the change kicked in.

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