How To Enable/Disable The Dropbox Collaboration Badge in Office

If you open a document from Dropbox folder, whether it’s a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, you may notice this new Badge that pops up along the right side of Office Application. It’s called Dropbox Badge, and it’s a very intuitive tool that makes the collaboration a lot more effective.

When not engaged, it just quietly sits on its place waiting for your call.

Dropbox Badge

And when clicked, it pops up a few options asking what you want to engage, leave a comment, share the document, or view the file history.

Dropbox Badge - context menu

It works the way that is definitely indiscriminate but for some reason you think it’s a bit too annoying or you simply work on the files on your own with no need to collaborate with others, you can disable it too.

Right click the Dropbox icon in the System Tray and click the Gear icon in the dialog box that pops up, and choose Preferences.

Dropbox Preferences

Under General tab in Dropbox Preferences window, change the Dropbox Badge option from “Always show” to “Never show“. Click OK to save the changes.

Dropbox Preferences - Badge option

The change takes effect right away and the badge will all disappear from the open files. It will no longer appear when you open a file from Dropbox folder next time.

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