How To Quickly Convert Any Spreadsheet Data To HTML Tables

If you have an Excel spreadsheet that you want to convert into a HTML-based table, you may find it’s actually not that easy. While it’s relatively easy to copy and paste a HTML table to Excel it’s quite cumbersome the other way around. Most of the time, even with a HTML editor, you may find pasting data from a spreadsheet into a <table> structured table doesn’t always go smoothly.

Tabelizer is a simple web-based tool made solely for creating HTML tables out of spreadsheet data. Simple copy a block of data from a spreadsheet file and paste them into the Textbox on the website, and then click Tableize It! button. That’s basically what you need to create a nicely coded table with data from your own spreadsheet.

For example, I pasted a block of data from a mortgage spreadsheet.

TABLEIZER! _ Spreadsheets to HTML Tables Tool - 2015-11-15 22_30_48

I can change some table styles to make the final table pretty, or just leave all as default. Once I hit Tablize It! button, this is what I get:

TABLEIZER! Results -- Spreadsheets to HTML Tables Tool - 2015-11-15 22_34_21

I can simply copy the HTML code into a HTML file and use it separately later on.

Note #1: you can check No CSS Style option to get a bare-bone table that only uses the default style. Sometimes, it’s easier that way to integrate a plain table into another project.

Note #2: The data source where you copy a block of data could be an Excel file, a Google Drive spreatsheet, a CSV file, or any other compatible spreadsheet.

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