How To Send Google Maps Address to Your Phone From Desktop

This is going to be saving me a lot of time down the road. I am a heavy Google Maps user. It’s my only GPS device in the car and I use it almost every day, even when I know where I am going. If I am heading out to a place I’ve never been before, I would search the place on Google Maps on my computer and then re-type the address of the place again on my Phone. That’s tedious.

It would be nice if I can just send the address from the Google Map on my desktop straight to my phone as a notification that I can use without retyping everything again. And that’s exactly what I am about to show you.

Prerequisite – sign in using the same Google account

First of all, you need to be sure you are registered on the same account for both your smartphone and your desktop version of Google Map. The communication will not go through if different Google accounts are used.

Setting up on the iPhone

2 things you need to do if you are using an iPhone.

  1. Make sure Notification on Google Map is enabled. Your phone will not be listed if notification is turned off. Go to Settings → Notifications  Google Maps, and turn on Allow Notifications. 
  2. In Google Map app, go to Settings (swipe across the left border of the screen) → Notification, and make sure Sent from desktop maps is turned on.

Setting up on the Android devices

The process is much easier. It’s all pretty much set by default as long as you have the latest Google Maps app updated. The notification with new address sent from the desktop version of Google Maps will automatically pop up in the notification area.

Let’s test it out

Now let’s search and find a place on the desktop version of Google Maps. You will see an option called “Send to Your Phone” listed as one of the options among Save, Nearby, and Share. Clicking on it will pop up all available devices with a link for information why your device is not shown.

Stanley Park - Google Maps - 2015-11-18 22_55_25.png

The place with a detail address will appear as a notification on your smartphone device shortly after. Simply click the notification to take you directly to the place on Google Maps.

3 thoughts on “How To Send Google Maps Address to Your Phone From Desktop

  1. Does anyone have any other suggestions about how I can solve this problem. My iPhone doesn’t show up as a device in Google Maps on my Macbook. I have double-checked the settings described in this article, but nothing I try results in the phone appearing.

    My iPad does appear, as does my Kia Optima. I just can’t seem to get the iPhone to show up.


    1. If you’re talking about the four options in Settings on the iPhone, yes, they are all turned on. In addition, the “Sent from desktop maps” option in Google Maps is turned on. I’ve also done a hard reset on the phone and restarted the MacBook.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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