How To Save Pictures in Microsoft Edge

/update on Sept. 27, 2018/

It appears that you can now just drag and drop the picture on the webpage to save them as a copy on your desktop or any of the folders you drop it to.

Unlike other browsers like Google Chrome where you can easily drag a picture out of a web page and drop it on your desktop so you can have a copy of it right on your Windows desktop, you just can’t do it the same way in Microsoft Edge.

Instead, you will need to right-click the picture on the web page and choose Save picture from the pop-up menu.

Edge - save picture on a webpage

Select a folder where you want to save the picture, and click Save on the File dialog box. The folder is set in Pictures by default.

Save As - 2015-09-08 11_27_13

While it’s not that convenient compared to other browsers, you do get a shared option in return, which is quite unique.

Edge - share a picture

The Share charm bar opens up when choosing Share picture in Microsoft Edge.

Edge - share charm

5 thoughts on “How To Save Pictures in Microsoft Edge

  1. That a load of crap. I work with images and the whole menu based save can cost me hours a week. Great browser otherwise. Why does Microsoft like to make great products then leave a piece of essential functionality out?

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