How To Use Chromecast in Chrome without Google Cast Extension

Normally, if you want to use Chromecast to stream content to TV on desktop computers you need to use Chrome browser and Google Cast extension. But now, do you know Google has built the cast feature right in the Google Chrome browser? No more extension needed, all natively supported.

The feature is still hidden in the browser and you will have to manually turn it on first before enjoying it.

Go to chrome://flags/#enable-media-router and click Enable button to enable the feature. Then click Relaunch button to restart the browser.

chrome___flags_#enable-media-router - 2016-01-16 23_00_30

The Google Cast extension will be disabled automatically after the restart but there is a little small another hiccup that is worth mentioning. All previously hidden extensions will all be shown in the Chrome’s toolbar. You will need to manually re-hide them by right-clicking the extension and choosingĀ Hide in Chrome now.

Now you will see the new Chromecast icon on the Chrome toolbar, simply click on it to start casting. It automatically searches for the Chromecast nearby on the same network and lists all available ones on a small popup. Selecting one that you want to stream to and the casting process starts right away.

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You also have the choices which to cast, desktop or current web page. Whichever option you choose, Chromecast will auto-fit the content on the TV for you.

Edge Talk - Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and many more Internet related things - 2016-01-16 23_03_54

The features work on both Windows and Mac systems, as long as you have the latest Chrome browser installed and updated.

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