How To Know If An Email is being Tracked in Gmail

There are many reasons why emails are being tracked. Because of that, there are services available out there that can help track emails sent to you, like BananaTag, Sidekick, and ContactMonkey. If you’d like to know which emails in your Gmail inbox are being tracked before opening them, UglyEmail is one that can help you out.

It’s a Chrome extension that, once installed, sniffs out the emails that come with tracking code embedded and marks them with an eye icon in front of the email title so you can easily identify them.

UglyEmail with eye icon

Now, whether to open it or not it’s totally up to you. You could ignore the email and not open it or you could use another tool to block the trackers.

Since the extension doesn’t have options to play with, you can hide its icon so your extension bar doesn’t get cluttered. Right-click the extension icon and choose¬†Hide in Chrome Menu.

UglyEmail hide

UglyEmail currently only integrates with Gmail and works as a Chrome extension and detect tracking codes from Streak, Yesware, Mandrill, MailChimp, Postmark, TinyLetter, Sidekick, MixMax and Bananatag.

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