A Machine Learning Powered Fast Drawing Web App

Out of Google Creative Lab, AutoDraw is a new free web-based drawing app that pairs machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw. It works on your phone, PC, or tablets. It’s free. It’s super easy to use. And most importantly, it makes your drawing much better and interesting.


Head over to the app on your device, start drawing on the whiteboard and the app suggestion tool will start guessing what you are trying to draw and offering a list completed drawings for you.

You can also use a list of the built-in drawing tools like many other drawing apps:

  • Draw tool to draw solo in freelance mode.
  • Type tool to add text to your drawing.
  • Shape tool to make predefined shapes such as a rectangle, triangle, or circle.
  • Fill tool to add color to the drawing.
  • Color picker to choose colors to draw.
  • Select tool to move, resize and rotate objects.

When you are done your drawing, go to the hamburger menu to download your drawing or share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

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