Making Beautiful Presentation PPT with Prezi

PowerPoint Presentation is essential to all kinds of businesses. Making interesting, attractive, clear to the point presentation can make your life a lot easier, whether selling your ideas, or explaining your plan, or summarize your project, etc. Microsoft PowerPoint is one powerful tool that you can use. But if you don’t use Microsoft Windows, Prezi is an awesome web app that lets you makes beautiful presentations as well.

To make a beautiful, comprehensive presentation, you need not only the knowledge of what you are presenting but to be a good designer. But the problem is not everyone is a good designer that can put ideas in perspective. Prezi knows this and is designed to be the one for people who aren’t designers.

You can get started very fast with a full library of beautiful presentations you can customize to make your own. All the templates are categorized into 5 different areas: Sales & Business, Marketing, Education, HR & Training, and General.

Prezi - templates

Like PowerPoint, Prezi provides a full stack of editing features for you to utilize. You can add an Animation, Insert text blocks, different shapes or arrows, or a set of pre-defined icons, etc.

Most importantly, Prezi lets you present your presentations in a more conversational way that you can adapt your delivery on the fly. You can turn a presentation into dialogues that are collaborative, dynamic, and engaging enough to keep every audience engaged from beginning to end.

Prezi offers a basic model that is free with unlimited presentations. It’s quite enough to let you make beautiful, engaging and interesting presentations. But if you need advanced features such as Offline access, Privacy control, Controllable share links, or portable presentations, you will need to subscribe to their different plans, starting from $7 per month.

Prezi also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android device so you can view and present anywhere with any device in your hand.

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