How To Manage Website Notifications in Microsoft Edge

Finally, Microsoft Edge offers a very basic feature almost all other major web browsers have already had for a while. Web notification is now fully supported in Microsoft Edge, with the tight integration with the Action Center in Windows 10.

Enable notification for Microsoft Edge

Before you get started with the website notification, you need to ensure that Microsoft Edge is configured to deliver them. Open Settings app, go to System > Notifications & Actions and make sure Microsoft Edge is set to on there.

How it works

When you visit a website that offers desktop notification, you will be prompted at the bottom of the Edge window asking whether or not you want to allow the notification to deliver to your computer.

The notifications displayed on your computer look just like any other notification you see on Windows 10, a pop-up window slides out from the bottom right area of your screen.

Clicking on the notification takes you to the proper tab that triggered the notification.

If you missed the notification because you are not at your desk when it’s delivered, no worries. The same notification also appears in the Action Center so you can deal with it later if needed.

How to manage notifications

If you have enabled a lot of website notifications from various websites, you can manage them right in Microsoft Edge as well. Go to to open Settings pane, click Settings > View advanced settings, and Manage button in Notification section.

From there, you can manage individual notification settings for each website. Toggle them to turn the notification on or off. You can also right-click a site and choose “Delete” to remove it completely.

Overall, the website notification works pretty well in Microsoft Edge, but it has its limitation. For the moment, it is only compatible with the local notification, meaning that the website that sends the notification needs to be open in Edge browser tab. Support for the server-side notification that allows websites to notify you at any time is still a work-in-press and is coming in a future update.

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