How To Share Tabs in Microsoft Edge

Sharing tab or tabs in Microsoft Edge has become a lot easier in the latest Windows 10 Creators Update with a new share user interface.

Sharing the current tab

To share the current tab, find and click the Share button on the toolbar, right next to the Web Drawing icon.

The new Share pane pops up, letting you choose the app you wish to use to share the tab.

If the app you would like to use wasn’t installed at the moment, you would see an Install link displayed underneath the app icon for you to go to the App store to get it installed.

To share multiple tabs

To share a group of tabs, you will need to set them aside first. Once done,¬†go to the Set Aside pane, click the … (more) icon, and then select Share tabs.

Note that in previous versions of Windows 10, Sharing was done through a Windows 8-style pane that slides out from the right side of the screen.

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