Bing has a New Widget to Speed Test Your Internet

Someone spotted a new widget being added in Microsoft’s Bing search engine to speed test how fast or slow your internet connection is. The widget was embedded in the Bing’s search results and is available on both the web and their mobile version.

Simply type in “Speed test” or “Internet speed test” in Bing, and you may see the speed test widget embedded right in the search result. Clicking Start button in the widget kicks off the test right away. You will get the result in a few moments, such as this:

speed test - Bing - 2016-01-23 21_35_30

If you are using Bing, this could be quite handy for you. I’ve tested on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and they both work just fine. However, the widget didn’t show up when I tried the same search term on Edge, which is odd.

Other than this, we’ve also covered other two widgets that are pretty cool for anyone playing music instruments such as Guitar.


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