Does Microsoft Edge have Compatibility View Feature Like Internet Explorer?

If you have used Internet Explorer before you probably are familiar with this feature, called Compatibility View, that is unique only in IE. Existed since IE 8, it’s a feature that forces IE to display the web page in Quirks mode as if the page were being viewed in IE7.

Does Microsoft Edge support Compatibility View?

You may ask now whether Microsoft’s Edge has a similar feature like this for compatibility issues in certain websites. Well, the short answer is big NO, since the Edge browser was designed to use the latest web technologies that do not support ActiveX or Browser Helper Objects of Internet Explorer out of the box.

But what to do if I need it?

If you need the compatibility view enabled to view an ancient website built a very long time ago, here is what you need to do:

1. Open the site in Edge.

2. Click the … ellipsis icon to bring up Settings panel, and click Open with Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 11 opens up with the same site loaded automatically. Click the Gear icon and choose Compatibility View settings.

Click Add button to add the site to the Compatibility View list and hit Close to save the change.

The page gets refreshed and rendered as if it’s visited in an old version of Internet Explorer.

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