3 Ways to Turn Any Photo into Coloring Page for Free

Here is what happened the other day. My daughter asked me to find a Pokemon Eevee Evolving coloring page for her to sharpen her coloring skill. And she found this and was wondering if I had any magic to turn it into a coloring page that she can use.

After failing to find an alternative real coloring page version of this picture online, I ended up doing some research and found three ways to convert any picture into a coloring page.

Web App

There are two web apps that work quite well.

Lunapic is basically a free online photo editing web app that includes a feature that lets you make coloring books. Simply upload a picture, and it turns it into a coloring page right after.

Converted by Lunapic

ScrapColoring also has an online tool that converts your drawings and photos to coloring pages. All you need to do is to upload a picture, and it will be automatically and instantly into shapes that can be colored. Once converted, you can click the Print button to print a copy or the Disk icon to save the result to your local computer.

Converted by ScrapColoring

Desktop App

If you have a decent photo editing tool installed on your PC like PhotoShop, you are already capable of doing so out of the box. If not but still would like to use a desktop app to do the work, Pixlr is a pretty good choice that is free and can get the job done. And if you do, here is a very detailed instruction that you can follow.

Mobile App

What I ended up using is actually a mobile app called Colorscape and successfully converted the colorful Eevee evolving picture to a coloring page my daughter eventually enjoyed coloring.

Converted by Colorscape on iPhone

However, I couldn’t find a similar one in Google Play that can do a job as good as Colorscape.

9 thoughts on “3 Ways to Turn Any Photo into Coloring Page for Free

  1. Man! thanks thanks thanks. Was running in to the same problem but with complex manga images (Yu-gi-oh). Lunapic and scrapcoloring didn’t deliver. But the app, colorscape. It is magic!

  2. Lifesaver! Nothing was working and Colorscape saved the day. Absolutely worth paying for. Thank you so much.

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