Microsoft Edge: How to Use Tab Group, Tab Aside, and Tab Preview

Since Windows 10 Build 15002, there are a bunch of new tab-related features released in Microsoft Edge to make things easier to keep track of your tabs.

Tab preview bar

If you have a lot of tabs open in Edge browser, having a tab preview would be helpful to track all the active tabs. This new Tab Preview bar makes a preview experience even better. Click the chevron icon at the right end of the tabs to turn on the Tab Preview Bar.

When opened, you can glance through a visual preview of every tab you have opened without leaving your current page. You can scroll through the list with touch, mouse wheel, or a touchpad.

Set Tabs Aside

If you are like me, having a long row of tabs open in my browser, you are going to love and enjoy this new feature on Edge. There are two new buttons added next to the tabs in Edge. Clicking the one on the right, called “Set these tabs aside“, moves all the open tabs out of your sight for the moment so you can start from a clean slate.

Later on, when you need to back to these previously opened tabs, simply click the icon on the left, called “Tabs you’ve set aside“, you will see all the tabs you set aside earlier, grouped by the time when they were moved.

From there, not only can you reopen these tabs in a group by clicking Restore tabs link you see in the screenshot, but you can also do some other cool things, from the three … menu right next to the Restore tabs option.

Choosing “Add tabs to favorites” option saves the group of the tabs set aside earlier to the favorites where a new folder will be created inside the favorites menu in Edge for these tabs and will be named as “Tabs from <data>“.

You can also share these tabs to all apps that are available on your computer. In my case, I got two options when sharing, Mail and OneNote.

Looks pretty cool and convenient. Enjoy.

For a complete list of all the changes in Microsoft Edge, visit the Microsoft Edge changelog.

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