How To Open PDF Files in Adobe PDF Reader Rather Than in Chrome Browser

By default, when you click on a PDF link on any websites you are opening that PDF file in the Chrome browser. But if you want to change that behavior to open the PDF file in a native application like Adobo PDF Reader, here is how you can do it.

1. Go to chrome://plugins page and disable Chrome PDF Viewer plugin there.


2. Now open a PDF link on a website, the PDF file gets downloaded automatically, click the little up-arrow of the download file icon on the Download bar at the bottom of the Chrome browser and choose “Always open in Adobe Reader.”


3. And done.

Next time when you click a PDF link on a website, the PDF file will be opened in the Adobe Reader application automatically by default, instead of opening inside the browser.

Alternatively, you can go to Chrome’s Settings page, Show advanced settings…, click Content settings… button under Privacy section. Then check the last option called “Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application” at the bottom of the page.

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