The Website Demonstrates What Could be Tracked through Your Browser

You may be aware of the fact that stuff can be tracked while you are surfing the web, e.g. your location, cookies, computer info, etc.. But do you actually know that there is much more info can be tracked through a website in your browser.

Want to see more in action?

Clickclickclick is a website that can help you understand just how much information can be tracked when you visit a page.

Just head over to the website, and watch what’s showing up on the screen.


Pissing your pants yet? Every action you make while on the page has been recorded as a text log right in front of your face.

But the developer of the website does have a sense of hummer and even included a list of achievements that you can unlock. Quite hilarious. A total of 120 achievements can be collected, all of which requires you to do some rather unsuspecting, almost mundane actions on the web page.


Now I guess you’ve got the idea what your internet browser is capable of doing to track without your consent and without you knowing it, no matter which browsers you are using.

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