Play Video in Full Screen Mode Inside Microsoft Edge

This is actually a pretty cool feature that you don’t see existed in Chrome or Firefox. You can play any online video in Microsoft Edge in a full-screen mode that allows video to take up the entire browser real estate regardless of the browser’s size. When you re-size the browser, the video stretches itself accordingly to maximize the space in real time.

I called it “full-screen” mode but technically, it’s not a real full-screen, only when you consider the window of the browser as a screen. And here is how you can use this feature:

  1. Load up a video clip on any website. It could be a YouTube video, or any video that plays inside the browser.
  2. Click the full-screen button on the video player.
  3. Move the cursor to the top right corner of the screen. Pause for a second until 3 normal windows operator icons show up, which are Minimize, Restore, and Close. Click Restore button, which is in the middle.
  4. Hooray. You just turned on a new full-screen mode in Edge.

Edge - restore button

And here is a video playing in full-screen mode inside Microsoft Edge browser.

Edge - playing video in full screen mode

One thought on “Play Video in Full Screen Mode Inside Microsoft Edge

  1. any online video exits full screen when i click to restore button while video is full screen. any help pls.

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