Why Microsoft Edge Tells Me This Website Needs Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 but that doesn’t mean Internet Explorer is going away any time soon. From time to time it spits outs the message like below, basically directing the request to its old brother.

Edge - this website needs internet explorer

See, even Edge itself can’t deny the fact that it still needs Internet Explorer.

Behind the scene, Microsoft Edge uses a compatibility list, just like Internet Explorer 11, to find out whether a website you are visiting is compatible or not. The list is basically a XML file hosted here on Microsoft. If the website is listed there, the message “This website needs Internet Explorer” will pop up with the option to Keep going in Microsoft Edge.

Unfortunately, there is no code that you could add to your website to bypass such a message in Edge. If you run a public site that requires Internet Explorer you will need to submit a request to Microsoft to get your site listed in this compatibility list. If you want to take your site off the list since you have upgraded the site to fully compatible with the Edge, you will also need to submit the request to Microsoft. For more info, check out “Understanding the Compatibility view list”.

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