How To Print Friendly and Nicely on Microsoft Edge

PrintFriendly and PDF is a browser extension that optimizes web page to get a nice and clean printout or PDF, not only for Chrome, Firefox, but also works on Microsoft Edge, IE, and Safari. It removes ads, navigation bars, and menus before you print. The printouts are optimized for the ultimate print reading experience.  It even has a web version that you can use to get a friendly printout without installing any of the extensions.

They recently released the extension for Microsoft Edge and you can install it directly from the Store App. Clicking the link takes you directly to the apps page in Store.

Click Get button, the extension will get installed automatically in your Edge browser. Once finished, a popup pops up in Edge asking for the permission to run or block it.

By default, it’s hidden in the … menu. Go in there, right-click the extension and choose “Show next to address bar” to have it shown up on the bar next to the Share button.

When you are on a page that you want to print, simply hit the green PrintFriendly icon to open the PrintFriendly dialog window, from where you can modify the page by deleting text, removing images, changing text size, etc. Once satisfied, you can either Print the page out or save the page as a PDF file that includes clickable links and source URLs. You can even email the page directly to your colleague or friend if you want to.

Overall, PrintFriendly & PDF is a well-crafted extension that could be very useful sometime. Not every web page is well-coded for print-friendly and when you need to print those not-suitable-for-print web pages, this extension could come very handy. I especially like its web feature and Edge extension since Microsoft Edge hasn’t handled the print quality well as Chrome does.

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