Toby to Offload Chrome Tabs to Prevent Tab Overload for Faster Browsing

If you are a tab person who doesn’t close tabs until you are done with them, you have already been experiencing some difficulties when having too many tabs open in your browser. If you are also using Chrome, it’s time to try out Toby, the first tab management platform that offload tabs to prevent tab overload without losing them. It also lets you manage offloaded tabs in different lists so you can keep tabs in the different lists for different tasks.

To install it, head over to their website and click Add Toby to Chrome button. Then go through a brief introduction to get started. You can create an account in Toby to enable Toby Sync so you can get all saved tabs on any devices you use. It’s also listed in Chrome Web Store with almost 5-star rating by over 400 users.

Here are three pretty neat features you can enjoy using Toby.

Sort tabs with handy lists

With Toby, you can organize your tabs with lists based on projects, meetings, future readings – literally anything, whatever suits your workflow.

Save sessions and resume later

Whenever you’re ready to move on to your next task, simply click “Save Session” and all of your tabs will be closed and saved as a list. Open them all again with one click when you’re ready to resume your work.

Search tabs like never before

Search for anything, and Toby will scour your saved and open tabs to find exactly what you’re looking for.

By default, Toby is also opening on every new tab but you can turn it off by opening the Gear menu and switching off the option “Toby opens on every new tab” under General Preferences section.

Toby is currently only working in Chrome at the moment but the version for both Safari and Firefox is also on its way.

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