How To Use Color Pickers Feature Right from in the Search Result Page

Google embedded another useful tool right in the search results page. If you are relying on a browser extension or 3rd party tool to check or choose a color, look no further. You can do color pick right from the Google search results page, like Speed Test widget we shared before.

Go to Google’s homepage and do a search for “color picker“. And you will see a color picker widget right embedded in the search result page for you do the color picking right from there. For a browser with Google as the default search engine, you can just type “color picker” right in the address bar and press Enter.

You can pick a color anywhere inside the canvas or use the slider to change the base color theme. The Hex and RGB value of the color change on the side to reflect the color you picked.  It can also be expanded to show a wide variety of color formats including HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL and CMYK.

What’s more, you can also search for a specific color by providing a HEX value and Google will display the color picker with that color pre-selected. For example, searching “color picker #0d2304 returns a result like below:

While the color picker widget in Google search result works great, it can’t replace a standalone color picker app because you can’t use the color picker widget to pick the color of a specific logo or banner. If you are also looking for a decent standalone color picker tool,  Pixie is one I use on Windows.

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