Top 10 Missed but Wanted Features in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is new. In fact, it’s so new that it still looks like its code name Spartan with a lot of things missing. But Microsoft committed to this project and determined to make it a better browser for Windows. They even have a user voice portal set up for Windows fans to vent out their wishlists.

Here are top 10 missing but wanted features listed in Microsoft Edge Suggestion Box.

1. Move the address bar on mobile to the bottom of the screen – makes sense, I would add that it should be at the bottom of the screen in tablet mode as well.

2. Silverlight – well, this one is dead. Microsoft has confirmed that they will dump silverlight to embrace HTML5 media.

3. Background download – and auto-restore download point as well.

4. Option to disguise it as IE 11 – well, I’d rather have a fresh start. IE 11’s interface is never attractive and sexy anyway.

5. Incorporate extensions – extension is a must go. One of the major reasons why IE fell is because its add-ons suck while Chrome and Firefox’s rock.

6. Option to “mute tab” – It’s nice to have a button to mute all sounds from all tabs. What’s better is to have a speaker icon showing up on the tab that plays audio at the moment.

7. Needs Full Screen and Swipe Gestrues feature, like IE modern app – it’s ok without full screen feature but being able to swipe to navigate through pages is nice.

8. Run XAML universal apps on Microsoft Edge – not sure about this but it does sound like having the same fate as Silverlight.

9. Port Chrome Extensions over without additional codes – have a nice dream. I don’t think it’s possible but I do like all popular Chrome Extensions having a Microsoft Edge version of it.

10. Save a file directly to OneDrive – Good one, it’s going to be especially useful on mobiles.

11. To be a Multi-platform browser – not sure if it’s going to happen. But it does, I wish to make it happen on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 first.

Unfortunately, a lot of my wishes are not listed. Maybe I should start a list of my own and submit them to the suggestion box.

If you have anything in mind that you wish Microsoft Edge to have, make the suggestion to its suggestion box.

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