How Microsoft Edge’s Password Manager Works

Just as other popular browsers, Microsoft Edge also has a password manager that remembers your online passwords and auto-fills them when prompted. This guide is to show you how exactly Microsoft Edge’s password manager works.

To enable “Remember Password” feature

Click  button, go to Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the Settings sidebar, and click View advanced settings. And switch the option “Offer to save passwords” on.

Edge - Settings - save password

Note that you should also turn on the “Save form entries” option as well.

Now, when you are on a web page with sign in form, you will have the option to save the credential you entered.

Edge - ask to save password

Or, just use the saved one auto-filled by the browser. You can also click the login name box to get more choices if you have multiple accounts saved for the same website.

Edge - autofilled username password

To delete a saved account password

In Advanced settings, click Manage my saved passwords, you will see the list of accounts you have saved their credentials in your Microsoft Edge.

Edge - manage passwords

Click the icon to delete the entry that you don’t want to keep.

To update an account’s password

In Managed passwords settings sidebar, click the account you want to update the password. And click Save to save the new info to the computer.

Edge - update password

How to reveal saved password?

If you take look the screenshot above, you will notice that there is no option that lets you show the password in plain text. So where are these passwords saved and how to reveal them in plain text when needed?

It works differently from other popular browsers. In fact, Microsoft Edge doesn’t store passwords locally in the browser. It works as part of Windows managed by a windows service called Credential Manager. Go to Control Panel → User Accounts → Credential Manager to open it. All saved accounts are stored under Web Credentials category.

To reveal saved password, click the website that you want to see the password, and click Show link.

Edge - credential manager

You will be prompted by a Windows Security pop-up to verify your credentials to view the stored password.

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