How To Transfer Photos Videos from PC to iPhone, iPad

Getting the photos and videos you took off your iPhone is pretty easy. You connect your phone to your PC, it pops up in Windows Explorer and then you can just copy/paste or use Import to download them from your phone onto your computer. But getting them back to your phone from PC is not that straightforward.

Here are a few options:


If the phone you’ve got is a brand new one that doesn’t have anything on it, using iTunes to get the photos and videos from PC to the phone is the easiest way to go.

  1. Connect your phone to a PC that has iTunes installed.
  2. Open iTunes, switch to Photos folder on your iPhone.
  3. Enable Sync Photos and add the folder that has all your photos in it.

Since the Sync Photos will wipe out clean what’s on the iPhone, it’s only good when you have a phone that doesn’t have anything on it.

Cloud apps

If you are using one of those cloud apps on your phone, such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, you are already set to freely transfer data to/from your phone. Simply enable Photo sync in these apps and you are good to go.

3rd party apps

Syncios is a free iOS & Android Manager for Windows that supports all series of Android & iOS Devices. It lets you transfer all kinds of files, Notes, eBooks, Videos, Photos, Music, and more.

Open the app, go to Photos, and click Import button to start uploading the photos to your connected device.


To upload Video files, go to Media tab, and select Videos from the right panel before clicking the Import button.


Leawo iTransfer is another pretty good tool that does the job well. Since the free version only allows you to transfer up to 100 files, I would suggest you try SynciOS first before using Leawo iTransfer.

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