uBlock Origin for Microsoft Edge is Available now on Windows Store

When it comes to Ad Block, uBlock Origin is my go-to choice on Chrome. It’s lightweight, fast, and does the job more efficiently. While the work bringing it to Edge has been underway for some time within the GutHub project, it finally appears in the Windows Store after Microsoft Edge Dev team announced that they were working to bring uBlock Origin to Edge browser almost three months ago.

To install uBlock Origin

Go to uBlock Origin extension page on Windows Store which opens the app’s page on Store App. Click Install button to download and install the extension on your computer. Once installed, click Launch button to open the Extension in Edge browser.

Click Turn it on button when asked. By default, the extension will be hidden in the … menu. You can go there, right-click the extension’s name and choose to “Show next to address bar” to bring it on the toolbar for easy access.

How to use it

The extension works exactly the same way as on Chrome browser. You go to a web page, the extension automatically detects ads on the page and blocks them by default.

Clicking on the power button in the box puts the whole website domain in the whitelist and ctrl-clicking on the button only whitelist the current page. There are also four icons available at the bottom of the box for you to toggle through some of the settings such as media content, popups, or remote fonts.

Right-click its icon and go to Manage, then click Options button to open the extension’s options page with a lot more settings to tweak, such as filters, rules, and whitelists.

It’s worth noting that uBlock Origin Edge extension is still in test phase. Therefore, it still has a number of wrinkles to iron out. The developer is also inviting feedback via the Windows 10 Feedback Hub as well as ideas and contributions at the GitHub project repository.

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