How To Update Chrome Components to Keep Plugins Up-to-Date

I recently had one issue in Chrome. Every time I visit a web page with an Adobe Flash embedded, Chrome crashed on me with a sad face asking to terminate the page.

Turned out, it’s the Adobe Flash Player plugin that needs to be updated to keep running in Chrome. If it stays too much behind the latest version, it will get disabled in Chrome or gets crashed quite frequently.

To update Adobe Flash Player plugin

Go to chrome://components page in Chrome, and click the “Check for Update” button in Adobe Flash Player section and Chrome will do the rest, checking to see if the component is up-to-date and update it if it’s not.

Once done, you are all set to have a more smooth web surfing experience in Chrome. While you are at the components page, why not click every single Check for update button you can find on the page to keep all the components updated?

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