5 Extensions To Draw Web Notes in Chrome Like Microsoft Edge

One of the selling point in Microsoft Edge is to “Make a web note” that  lets you take notes, write, doodle, and highlight directly on webpages. While Chrome doesn’t have this feature out of the box, there are enough extensions in Chrome Web Store to completely cover that gap.

Here are 5 of them that you can try on first, in no particular order.


WebTags - Chrome Web Store - 2015-07-31 23_48_27

WebTags lets you tag information and acess it quickly as you read. You can mark significant regions of a webpage and scroll between them using tags that stick to the browser window. It’s great for studying lengthy reading material.

Once installed, WebTag uses 3 keyboard shortcuts to create and manage tags.

WebTags - shortcuts

Hypothesis – Web & PDF Annotation

Hypothesis - 2015-08-01 00_05_25

The Hypothesis extension is a general purpose annotator your can carry around the web with you. You can use it to have a discussion on web pages or even PDF documents to organize your research or leave personal notes.

You will need to create an account in http://hypothes.is to manage and share the tags

Web Paint

Web Paint

Web Paint provides the following easy to use drawing tools that let you draw shapes, lines, and add text to live web pages and take screenshot.

Once installed, you will see a paint palette icon in the top right corner of Chrome window. When you need to take notes on the web page you are reading, click on that icon and a toolbox will show up with a bunch of drawing tools for you to use. When you are ready to save your work, use the Camera icon to take a screenshot.

Page Marker

Page Marker

Page Marker is a very simple web marking tool that lets you draw on any web pages in real-time. All you need to do is to click the extension icon (the red marker) in Chrome and begin to draw. It works better if you have a pen handy.


Doodledoku - Chrome Web Store - 2015-08-01 01_02_49

Similar to Page Marker, Doodledoku is another simple Chrome extension that lets you doodle on the webpage. Originally designed for solving only Sudoku riddles but it’s just the same marker tool that you can use to make marks on any of the web pages. All you need is to click the yellow pencil icon in Chrome, and draw.


As a heavy Chrome user, I do wish Google can pump up the “Make a web note” feature in Chrome. While the extensions mentioned above do get the job done, it would be nice having this feature built-in so we can have a more integrated user experience, such as sharing, saving, syncing these notes across the computers we are using.

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