How To View and Clear Browsing Data in Microsoft Edge

Every browser records your online activities and saves them in what’s called browsing history. And Microsoft Edge is no different. Information that gets recorded and saved includes the data you’ve entered into forms, passwords and the sites that you’ve visited.

Here is how you can review them and if needed, delete them in Microsoft Edge.

1. Click Hub icon → History (the timer icon) from the tool bar.

Edge - Hub icon

2. From here, you can review the websites you’ve visited in the past, categorized as last hour, yesterday, last week, or older. Hover the cursor over each entry will let you delete them individually.

Edge - history - deteling single entry

3. Clicking on Clearing all history takes you to next section that lets you clear all kinds of stored browsing history at once.

Edge - Hub - History - Clear browsing data

4. Check the type of data or files that you want to clear from your computer, then click Clear button.

Note #1: You may think twice before cleaning out Cookies and saved website data as they often store useful information that makes your online life a lot easier, unless you are using a public or shared computer. But then, you should be using InPrivate window to leave nothing behind.

Note #2: Passwords are saved in Credential Manager in Windows, shared by other Windows application such as Internet Explorer. So if you clear Passwords in Microsoft Edge, you are clearing out Passwords saved for Internet Explorer the same time.

Note #3: Click on”Show more” link and you will see about 5 more types of data that you can clear out of your computer, such as media licenses, pop-up exceptions, location permissions, full screen permissions, and compatibility permissions.

Edge - Hub - History - Clear browsing data - more

Note #4: Clearing history data is a fast process in Microsoft Edge, think twice before hitting that Clear button. Data removed by this action is very hard to recover.

That’s about it. Safe surfing with Microsoft Edge.

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