Create, Save, and Share Web Notes in Microsoft Edge

Web notes is one of the selling point in Microsoft Edge that lets you take notes on a web page, save it, and share it. It also comes with a nice handy clipping tool that copies a portion of the web page in the clipboard.

Let’s take quick look how it works.

When you are on a page that you would like take some notes, click the “Make a web note” icon on the tool bar.

Edge - make a web note button

A set of tools show up just below the title bar, indicating that you are now in the Note taking mode. There are total 5 tools available at the left side for notes taking

  • Pen
  • Highlighter
  • Eraser
  • Note
  • Clip

And 3 options at the right side for saving, sharing, and exiting the note taking mode.

Edge - note tool

You can change Pen and Highlighter’s color and size by selecting the icon and click one more time.

Edge - Note - Pen color

Eraser can clear out single notes individually. Or, you can clean all notes by one click.

Edge - Note - clear all notes

You can also write notes anywhere on the web page and you can move them around afterwards too.  To drag a note to a new location, simply drag the note number to a desired new place.

Edge - notes

When it’s time to save the notes you took on the web page, click the Save button. You will have a few options to save to, either OneNote if you have it installed, or Favorites, or Reading list.

Edge - save notes

If you want to share your note, click Share button which fires up windows built-in Share function with available apps for sharing.

Edge - Share

If you have more social network apps installed such as Twitter or Facebook, you will see them on the list as well.

Notes taking is a feature that sets Microsoft Edge different from others. Even though other browsers can accomplish the same through extensions or plugins, the user experience is never the same comparing to a tightly integrated feature built right in the browser.

If you are using Edge, especially on a touch screen with a pen, you will definitely love the native notes taking experience.

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