6 Best Plugins to Enhance Your WordPress Comments System

Ok, here is a list of plugins that can take the comments system on your WordPress to another level, no matter which direction you choose to go.

Let’s take a look these 3 plugins that work with WordPress native comments system.


Designed to supercharge WordPress native comments system, wpDiscuz is an Ajax-powered comment plugin that runs fast, very responsive and comes with tons features that don’t exist in the native comments system. It also integrates well with antispam and user profile plugins such as Akismet, BuddyPress, etc. If you have a WordPress theme that doesn’t have a well-designed comments section, simply install this plugin, and you are all set to go.

wpDiscuz is a quite popular plugin that has over 20k installations with average ratings at 4.9 out of 5 stars. It’s also one of my favorites as well.

WP Advanced Comment

WP Advanced Comment is another Ajax-powered outstanding plugin packed with tons of features that make your comments section a lot cooler, things like:

  1. Easy to create forms with drag and drop options.
  2. Enable or disable guest comments.
  3. Change comment forms status to published, unpublished or show only comments( disable comment form ).
  4. Email notification of new comments with custom fields.
  5. Advance search comments ( Backend ).
  6. Uses of Jquery Validation plugin.
  7. Available custom fields ( Text, Textarea, Radio Button, Checkbox, DropDown/Select, Multiselect, Url, Email, Section Break, HTML Codes, User Image )
  8. Create unlimited custom fields.
  9. Create unlimited comment forms.
  10. Options to show custom fields to admin only ( frontend ).
  11. etc. etc.


CommentLuv is a comment plugin that has a unique feature that encourages readers to leave comments with a backlink in return. What it does is to reward a reader who left a comment by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the bottom of that comment. The plugin could be a very helpful when your site is small and just starting. It works like a comment magnet but be prepared for lots of spam.

Now let’s check out the following 3 plugins that replace WordPress native comment system. If your site is getting big and you want to offload some features to lightweight your web server, moving comments to the cloud seems to be a smart move.

Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is a huge plugin developed by WordPress team. It has a lot of great features, one of which is for comments. The comments feature is disabled by default when you installed and activated the plugin. But once enabled, it will override the default WordPress comments system and replace it with a new comment form and will enable your readers to comment on your site from their social media accounts.

To leave a comment, just click in the box and start typing.

Disqus Comment System

This is arguably the most popular cloud-based comment management system not only on WordPress but on the web as well. When you have Disqus Comment System installed and enabled, all your comments will be sync’d up to the cloud by Disqus. It also automatically places a new comment section that displays nested comments and replies with better spam filtering capability.

Facebook comments

The Facebook Comments WordPress plugin makes it easier for you to setup, administer and customise Facebook comments from your WordPress site. Simply install the plugin and follow the instructions on the Settings page. You can also insert the comment box as a shortcode into any post, page or template and use your own settings for each time you do it! Simply use the shortcode [fbcomments]

OK, what about disabling the comments system completely?

Sometimes, especially for a business type of site, you may not want the comment system enabled at all. Is there any way to completely disable the comments system in WordPress?

Well, if that’s your approach, check this out.

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