How To Customize Top Sites and Suggested Content in Microsoft Edge

One of the options to open a new tab in Microsoft Edge is called “Top sites and suggested content“, which is also the default setting for Start Page. While Top sites are a list of sites you frequently used before, suggested content is simply a news feed powered by Microsoft’s MSN. It’s all preset with only a few little things you can customize.

Click the button in Microsoft Edge, go to Settings, and navigate to Open new tab with section. Make sure the “Top sites and suggested content” is selected there.

Edge - Settings - new tab option

Then, open a new tab, click the little link “customise” in the line as Top sites.

New tab ‎- Microsoft Edge - 2015-07-08 14_34_38

From there, you can choose your language, content and up to 6 favorite topics, which will dictate the suggested content you see next time you open a new tabs in Microsoft Edge.

New tab ‎- Microsoft Edge - customize news feed 2015-07-08 14_37_52

Click Save button, and you are all set.

5 thoughts on “How To Customize Top Sites and Suggested Content in Microsoft Edge

  1. I want to be able to personalize top sites or set up a drop down of frequently used URLS so I can re-visit them with one click. How do I do this? Thanks.

    1. Actually, I am good with the frequently used URLs. Just don’t close the tab and there one click, when you need them. It would be nice if I could personalize Top sites versus the system selecting them for me. Thanks

    2. I would like to add more tabs than what is shown on my “Top Sites” so that I can just use my tabs to access them. How do you add more tabs? Please make it simple. Thank You!

  2. As of a couple of days ago the top site urls are all showing in lowercase. This is a problem for urls like a YouTube channel as those URLs are case sensetive. Is there a way to stop edge from turning all urls into lowercase?

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