Where is Paste and Go Option in Microsoft Edge Browser?

In Chrome or other IE/Edge rival browsers, you can right-click the address bar and use “Paste and Go” feature to paste the url you already copied in the clipboard in to the address bar and get on that website without pressing Enter.

Chrome - Paste and Go option

It’s a nice convenient feature but you don’t find it available in Internet Explorer or the new Microsoft Edge browser. In Edge, when you right-click on the address bar or the search bar in the Start Page, you only have 2 options, Paste or Undo.

Edge - Paste option in address bar

So does Microsoft Edge have “Paste and Go” feature? If so, where is it and how can I use it?

It’s a Yes and No. Microsoft does have this feature implemented in both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge but they did it in a different way. You won’t see a “Paste and Go” option from address bar context menu but you can achieve the same with a built-in keyboard shortcut.

When you have the url copied in the clipboard, instead of right-click address bar, you left-click it and press Ctrl+Shift+L hotkeys. And see what happens after.

I have to admit that even though Microsoft does the same thing too having a “Paste and Go” works better. And according to Microsoft, this feature will be included in the coming releases, based on more than 1000 requests by the insiders.

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