How To Import Bookmarks from Other Browser to Microsoft Edge Favorites

If you are going to start using Microsoft Edge extensively as your main go-to browser, you probably need to keep your bookmarks from other browsers and still use them in Edge.

Microsoft has made this transition a very easy process with only a few clicks. Here is how you can do it.

1st click: button at the top right corner in Microsoft Edge

2nd click: Settings

3rd click: “Import favorites from another browser” link.

Edge - settings - import from other browser 2

4th click: pick with browser you want to import from, Internet Explorer or Chrome

5th click: Import button.

That’s it. If all goes well, you will see your Chrome or Firefox bookmarks showing up in Edge’s Favorites. Not that difficult at all. Now let’s go to the Hub to see what’s been imported.

Start ‎- Microsoft Edge - 2015-07-10 16_56_27

But there are also a few things you should be aware of.

  • If you have multiple Chrome accounts set up, only the first one will be used to import the bookmarks. However, you can export the bookmarks from Chrome to an HTML file and import them in Edge.
  • If you import from both Internet Explorer and Chrome, they will be mixed in Edge. Organize the bookmarks in different folders first before importing them.

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