How To Open Multiple Home Web Pages in Microsoft Edge

In Internet Explorer days, you will go to Internet Option, and type in all web pages you want to be opened as home page whenever the browser opens in General tab. You can do the same in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 too but just in a slightly different way.

Click the ellipsis symbol at the top right corner to open the drop-down menu, and click Settings.

Edge - Settings

Select “A specific page or pages” in Open with, and click Custom.

Edge - open with - a specific page

Then start typing in web page address into the box, and click + sign to add to the home page list.

Edge - set up home pages

I entered Edge Talk, Google, and the default start page as my home pages. This is what looks like every time when I open Microsoft Edge. If you need to re-arrange the order  of the open tabs, simply drag and drop them into the right position.

Edge - multiple Home pages

4 thoughts on “How To Open Multiple Home Web Pages in Microsoft Edge

    1. Good point and thanks for pointing it out. It only works when opening Edge browser. It doesn’t seem to link to the HOME button at the point. I guess we will have to wait and see. It’s quite lame.

  1. Five years later and it’s still not fixed… linking the Edge Home button to multiple tabs the way that IE allowed. 🙁

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