Microsoft Considers Any Edge-WebKit Differences are Bugs

In a recent post on Microsoft Edge Dev Blog, Microsoft announced that there are over 45 new standards implemented in a new release that comes with Windows 10 Insider Preview, along with many large and small improvements that make Edge browser more interoperable with other browsers.

A lot of Microsoft’s approach to make Edge a better web browser has been focusing on bringing its own rendering engine that matches “WebKit” behaviors. And insisted that any Edge-Webkit differences are bugs that should be fixed.

Developers are urged that

In our experience Microsoft Edge runs best on the ‘WebKit’ code paths in these sites. Also, with the internet becoming available on a wider variety of devices, please assume unknown browsers are good – please don’t limit your site to working only on a small set of current known browsers. If you do this, your site will almost certainly break in the future.

One of the annoying things when it comes to web development is to deal with a lot of IE legacy issues which is an hopeless work that never ends. And that’s the reason why Microsoft finally made the call to put all IE-related crap behind and start a new era with Microsoft Edge, a browser for the future.

Making an interoprable web that just works across all browsers and devices is a goal Microsoft Edge is aiming for. And they are determined to archive it. Considering to match how WebKit behaves and to remove all gaps between 2 rendering engines is just the first step towards the finishing line.

If you see examples where Microsoft Edge is not behaving interoperably with other modern browsers, please let us know @MSEdgeDev on Twitter or by filing a bug on Connect.

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