Open With Options in Microsoft Edge Browser and How To Set Up

There are basically 4 options to decide what to display on the page when Microsoft Edge starts up.

  • Start Page – a combined page with Search option at the top and the MSN-powered News feed at the bottom.
  • New tab page – a page that opens as a new tab. By default, it’s set as “Top sites” to display the frequently accessed websites right underneath of the search box.
  • Previous pages – automatically opens any open tabs in the previous session, the same as “Continue where you left off” in Google Chrome.
  • A specific page or pages – a way to set up multiple home pages.

How to set up?

Click the ellipsis symbol at the top right corner to open the drop-down menu, and click Settings. Then pick one of the 4 options under “Open Microsoft Edge with“.

To change the setting for New tabs, go the drop-down menu, and change the following 3 options.

  • Top sites with suggested content
  • Top sites
  • A blank page

What option to use then?

Here is my personal take.

For new tabs, I am fine with “Top sites” option and don’t think I will need to follow up my news feeds every time when I open a new Tab.

Open with “Previous pages” is my go-to setting as I often have many tabs open and don’t want to lose track of them when Edge browser crashed or ended by accidentally.

2 thoughts on “Open With Options in Microsoft Edge Browser and How To Set Up

  1. My “open with” option is Open With Internet Explorer and I want to setup a home page. When I click on the “open With”, it opens Internet Explorer. How can I change this since I cannot uninstall Edge and start over??


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