How To Print Web Page Clutter-Free in Microsoft Edge

Getting a clean print copy of any web page should be a feature built-in right in every modern browser. Google Chrome has it and Mozilla Firefox also has it, though not as nice as Google Chrome. Now Edge also has it with the newly introduced feature called “Clutter-free printing” that strips ads and unnecessary markups and sections away from the final carbon copy.

Let’s see how it works.

Open Edge, navigate to a web page you would like to print and press Ctrl + P to bring up the print dialog window. Of course, you can also click the menu button and choose Print from the menu.

Under Clutter-free printing option, select On from the drop-down menu.

So, check out the screenshots below to see what’s the difference it makes?

When Clutter-free Printing is off
When Clutter-Free Printing is on

As you can tell, the clutter-free printing copy is more enjoyable. It’s definitely a very useful and welcome feature added to Edge browser.

However, not all webpage are equally designed so you may not see Clutter-free printing option in the Print dialog window on some of the web pages that are either organized as a list or designed poorly that the browser can figure out which element of the web page should be stripped.

I also would like to see the selected text printing feature I really like in Chrome will be available on Edge soon.

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