How To Install Microsoft Edge Extension Preview on Windows 10

The Microsoft Windows insiders finally can take a peek of how the Edge’s extensions work. Even though the final plan is to make all the extensions available in the Windows Store, they can only be installed manually at the moment.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Browse and download an extension from

Step 2: Select Run from the download notification at the bottom of the page.

Microsoft Edge - download extension and run

If your default download folder hasn’t changed, you will see an extracted folder in there waiting to be installed.

Microsoft Edge - extract the extension package

Step 3: Click  in Microsoft Edge and then Extensions.

Microsoft Edge - more - extensions

Step 4: Click Load extension button, select the folder you extracted at Step 2.

Microsoft Edge - more - extensions - load extension

That’s it! You will see the installed extensions in the same Extensions settings page once installed.

Microsoft Edge - settings - extensions - installed extension

It’ll be a lot easier when the extensions become available at the Windows Store, but, at least, we as the insiders can get a preview of some extensions already.

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