Install Turn Off the Lights Extension on Microsoft Edge

Turn Off the Lights is a lightweight and useful add-in designed for a more comfortable watching experience. It basically dims the web page background and highlights the video player so you can enjoy the video a bit more without any distractions. The extension is compatible with virtually all browsers, including Microsoft Edge but not Internet Explorer.

Installing the extension

Microsoft pre-released the extension to the Store app. However, since it’s still a pre-release, you won’t be able to see it from the Extensions for Microsoft Edge section on the Store. You will need to access the extension link directly to get it, which will take you to the extension page in the Store app.


Click the Get button to get the extension installed in your Edge browser. Once done, click the Turn it on button in the new extension notification popup in Edge to enable the extension.


Using the extension

Once enabled, you can right-click the extension from the … menu and set it to Show Next to Address Bar. To use it, simply click the extension’s icon in the address bar, which dims the web page’s background and leaves the video standout playing.

Edge - Turn off the lights icon on the address bar

Edge - Turn off the lights on YourTube

There are also tons of settings that you can tweak to make it works better in your own taste. Right-click the Turn Off the Light Extensions and choose Manage. Then click the Option button to open up the options page for the extension.

Installing the extension the other way

Turn Off the Lights is also an open source project on Github. So, you can also get an Edge version copy of the extension and install it on the browser manually.

Head over to Turn Off the Lights Edge Extension project on Github, and click the green Clone or download button to download the Zip file.

GitHub - turnoffthelights_Turn-Off-the-Lights-Edge-extension_ Microsoft Edge

Then extract the content from the Zip file to a folder on your computer that is easy to access, i.e. the download folder.

Now open Edge browser, go to … menu and choose Extensions. Then click Load extension button and select the folder that contains the extension files hit Select Folder to install the extension manually.

Edge - Extension - Load extension

If you don’t see the Load extension button in the Extension page, follow this post to get it enabled.

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