How To Use Speed Test Tool to Test Your Internet Speed Right From the Google Search Page

If you haven’t already known, Google’s search page has a lot of goodies, not only games or quirks but a lot of useful things like the unit converter, weather information for your current location, etc. It also has a tool that can test your internet speed, similar to the well-known

Go to Google’s homepage and do a search for “Speed Test.” And you will see a card called Inter speed test with a RUN SPEED TEST button embedded in the search result page. For a browser with Google as the default search engine, you can also type “Speed Test” right in the address bar and press Enter.


Click on the RUN SPEED TEST to start the process. You will see a speed test widget pops up as an overlay on top of the search result page.


The tool will test both download and upload speed of your internet. To get a more accurate result, make sure you don’t have any other download or upload job running during the process. The result also appears as a card overlay on the search page and includes the highest speed for both download and upload as well as the ping latency and the server used in the test.


You can run the test again by clicking on the Test Again button in the test result card.

The test is done by Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a Google’s partner dedicated to providing an open, verifiable measurement platform for global network performance. Note that, M-Lab will incorporate your test results, which include your IP address, into their collection of global Internet performance data.

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