See Who’s Tracking Your Web Browsing with Ghostery

No one wants to be tracked, no matter when and no matter where. But unfortunately, that’s not the case when you are surfing the web and browsing through web pages. It’s inevitable that you can be a hollow man when you are online.

But with some help from a tool like Ghostery, you at least get to protect some of your privacy.

If you are using Google Chrome, the Ghostery Chrome extension, when added, will scan the web page you are visiting and detects the trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons embedded on that page by the companies interested in your daily online activities.

Head over to Ghostery Chrome extension page, and add it on to your Chrome, if you are interested in seeing how it works. A little ghost icon will show up in the extension bar next to the hamburger icon.

When it’s grey, congratulations, no one’s interested in you at the moment. But when it turns to blue, it means there are trackers detected on the current web page. Click on it to reveal more in details.

Ghostery on Chrome - 2015-06-25 23_55_33

Slide the blue switch to the right to block the specific tracker from tracking your behavior. Note that when it’s red, it’s blocked not only on this page but all other pages as well. For example, when Google Analytics track turns red, your visit on any of the web pages will not be counted in Google Analytics traffic stats.

Ghostery to block a tracker

If you want a specific site being excluded from all trackers, put the site into the whitelist by clicking the Whitelist site button at the bottom of the popup.

There are also quite a few options that you can alter to meet your own needs but you don’t really have to. The default settings work just fine.


Ghostery Chrome extension is a very nicely built extension that puts another layer to protect your privacy when browsing the Internet. If you are using Google Chrome and are sensitive about your own privacy, you should have it on your Chrome browser.

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